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Team Surgery System

We work together for every single patient Wooridul Spine Hospital has a 'team surgery' system in which the best spine specialists in various fields cooperate for every single patient from treatment planning to surgery. We provide safe treatment with as high success rate and as little aftereffect as possible.

At Wooridul Spine Hospital, it is possible to perform high-level spine surgery that other hospitals have given up on
High-Level Revision Surgery Team, Cervical ∙ Thoracic Spine Team, Spinal Endoscopic Treatment Team, Non-Surgical Spine Treatment Team, Scoliosis ∙ Spinal Deformity Team

What is Team Surgery System?

Team Surgery System is a system in which spine specialists from various departments such as neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, general surgery (abdominal specialist), thoracic surgery, anesthesiology, pain medicine, neurology, and rehabilitation medicine work together to treat patients with severe spinal diseases.

Advantages of Team Surgery System

  • Improved accuracy of diagnosis
  • Reduced operation time
  • Less bleeding and infection
  • Decreased risk of complication and sequela
  • Reduced chance of revision surgery