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Academic Conference

Seoul Cheongdam, Seoul Gimpo Airport, Seoul Gangbuk, Busan, Busan Dongnae, Daegu, Gwangju, Gwangju Buk-gu, Jeonju, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. All employees, including spine specialists and medical personnel support team participate this conference. So that we are not relying on our individual judgement and providing the best medical services based on the principles specialized in spine treatment and the human network cooperation system.

Friday Grand Tele Conference

  • Friday Grand Tele Conference
  • Friday Grand Tele Conference

Every Friday morning Wooridul Spine Hospital’s 11 network doctors at home and abroad get together to discuss case review and share new medical techniques with Video conferencing system.
About 130 spine specialists of Wooridul attend this conference to discuss medical idea and their diagnosis.
Because of this, it generates more than 90% accurate diagnosis and find treatment to make 90% of success rate.
Also, we invite world famous institution and experts in various field to interchange real time procedure & treatment.
We are trying to provide the best medical service by sharing various medical opinion.

Tuesday Academic Conference

  • Tuesday Academic Conference
  • Tuesday Academic Conference

Doctors and nurses as well as management support team hold Tuesday Academic Conferences.
Every week include 11 network hospital across the country participate this meeting for better medical service.
In addition, we invite an outside expert to consult and research work through the feedback to suit spine field.
And striving to equip ourselves with the appropriate capabilities and philosophy for spine field.

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