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Billing & Insurance

For international insurance holder

    • Direct billing is available for patients with insurance companies or institutions that have a partnership with Wooridul Spine Hospital.
      Otherwise, patients are required to pay upfront and claim for reimbursement. Please check the documents required for insurance claim before your visit.
    • Patients should be familiar with their insurance policies, and be aware that not all services offered at Wooridul Spine Hospital may be covered by their insurance plan.
      It is the responsibility of the patients to pay the necessary deductibles, co-payments, and non-covered items to Wooridul Spine Hospital.
    • You can pay with cash or credit cards (VISA, Master, American Express) in KRW or USD.
      Please contact the hospital if you have any inquiries: +82 2 513 8452 or

Insurance companies and partners

Insurance companies and partners

* The Korean National Health Insurance holders are excluded.
* If you are not insured by above you have to pay for yourself and get a reimbursement.

Preparation for insurance claim

  • Medical records

    • Medical records can be issued after filling out the ‘Request for medical record copy’
    • The cost depends on the number of pages. After payment, you will receive your medical records.
    • Medical records will be issued after confirming the patient's identity in accordance with the issuance regulations. Here are more requirement.
  • Medical certificate

    • Please request medical certificate directly to your doctor and the doctor can write the medical certificate in English.
    • You must inform your doctor of the use of the medical certificate during the consultation.
    • You can get medical certificate at billing office after payment.
  • Receipt

    • A receipt in English will be provided after payment. If you need itemized bills, please tell us in advance during the payment.