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Hello, I’m Dr. Sang-Ho Lee, a spine
doctor for 40 years and a surgeon of
minimal invasive spine surgery.

How can I operate my patients to be less painful and by cutting less and letting them bleed less, so they can stand, walk, and run just like they normally would if they were out of their back and leg pain?

Sangho Lee
Wooridul Spine Hospital's innovative teams and I have been working hard to develop new safer surgical methods and have established the surgical know-how.

For 45 years since 1975, I have been striving to develop new surgical methods and know-how to deliver new life, a new future, and new hope to all patients, alleviating the pain of many patients with spinal pain in this world.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Treatment(MIST) is a solution that gives hope to everyone suffering from spinal problems that inevitably worsen with age and spinal disorder that may occur to anyone. MIST can help anyone, including those aged 80 to 90 years or older, to regain their daily happiness. This is because the 'minimal incision treatment' allows all patients from youth to old age to return to their daily lives in a short period of time by removing the cause of spinal pain without the risk of side effects or complications. I would like to tell my patients, my students, and everyone with neck and back pain how to maintain a healthy spine, how to preserve and cure cervical and lumbar spine without damaging their normal structures. I hope that my knowledge and experienced techniques can be shared with other doctors at home and abroad, and that many patients around the world suffering from spine problems can regain their spine health and enjoy a happy life in the right way.

My team at Wooridul Spine Hospital and I support the team diagnosis and team surgery that can lead us to achieve high accuracy and less misdiagnosed process. The perfect minimally invasive spine treatment with endoscopic and microscopic procedures can make people enjoy more active daily life. I will constantly find better way for a happy future of all the spine patients for them to live with a straight back, and to stand, walk and run for the joy of life until 100 years old, because I regard the patients as myself and my family.

Thank you very much, and I hope you stay healthy, happy and beloved. Sang-Ho Lee, M.D., Ph.D.
Chairman of Wooridul Spine HospitalSang-Ho Lee, M.D., Ph.D.